Redeeming Casino Coupons

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There are plenty of Canadian casino coupons to try, and we've compiled a handy guide to the basics. Read on to find out more about where coupons can be found, their different types, and restrictions that may apply.

Where to Find Casino Coupons

You can't redeem a coupon if you don't have one, so finding a coupon is the first order of business. Casinos themselves usually have a promotions page (look also for terms like coupon, bonus, and code) where you can find whatever current promotions are on offer at that particular casino. Review sites are another, and potentially better, option. The advantage of review sites is that the lists of coupons they provide are more extensive, allowing you to easily compare the various offers. This way is quicker than checking individual casinos one at a time.

Types of Coupons casino coupons

The type of coupons vary, and it's worth checking the fine print for particular details. However, there are some common types worth knowing about. A popular casino coupon is one that provides a certain amount of free spins or free credits for playing specific slots or other games. Another is a small sum in free cash that can be used to play any type of game (but you won't be able to just withdraw the cash, as that would literally be giving money away). Lastly, there's a free play coupon, which gives a larger sum of cash which can be used to play any game, but there's a time limit. If you exceed your starting balance at the end of the time limit, that bonus cash then becomes yours (the larger starting sum of free money vanishing).

How to Redeem Casino Coupons

Casino coupons are often aimed at attracting new players. The way to redeem a coupon is to create an account and log in. It's worth noting that depositing cash is unlikely to be required at this stage, but you may need to make a deposit to withdraw any winnings. Having logged in, simply enter the coupon code (typically in the cashier section) and the promotion will be activated.


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Although coupons offer free spins or cash, there are some restrictions that should be considered. For free spins/credit, there will usually be a play through requirement, meaning that a certain number of spins might have to be made before any winnings can be accessed (you can't spin once, win, and withdraw the cash). For example, $20 of free spins might need to be wagered 50 times (i.e. $1,000) before you can withdraw. Free play coupons, where players attempt to exceed a starting balance, often have a ceiling on winnings. They may also require a deposit before the winnings can be withdrawn.

Coupons provide a risk-free way of dipping your toe into casinos. Be sure to bear in mind the restrictions when picking which one is best for you.